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2020 marked the beginning of some major changes in singer/songwriter Ericka Corban’s life. She and her husband Mattaniah traded in their dream home on the Washington Coast for the opportunity to travel the country with their five young children, making music inspired by God and the beauty of America. 

Her music is influenced by her love for folk, pop and the country music she grew up listening to. Ericka’s songs have been used in Indie Films, Starbucks global playlist and she appeared on Season 12 of the hit TV show THE VOICE. 

She’s been writing music and playing piano and guitar since she was 14. She plans to continue writing and recording her original music, as well as begin a collaborative project with her husband under the band name Halley + Jupiter. 

You can join them on their adventurous musical journey on her YouTube playlist, “Roam, Record, Repeat.” They’ve also recently begun a video journal series documenting their travels and life experiences on the road with their “Corban Family” VLOG, on YouTube as well.  

Besides her love of music, Ericka has also published a series of children’s books somewhat accidentally when she began mixing her love of rhyming with bedtime stories for her children. Her books have touched the hearts of thousands of children across the country, and you can listen to a special audio version of Tippy the Owl, voiced by their young son, on YouTube.

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